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KEMYSTERY is a new age fine/research chemical catalog business supplying products for research, scale up and production.

Our product lines include organics fine chemicals, diagnostic reagents, buffers, antibiotics, stains dyes and indicators amongst others. Traditionally we have been catering to the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industry but can offer our products to other allied or new industries.

Our Business Verticals


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In-House and

Packing & Shipping

Our packing material is of international standard and quality. Shipments can be made worldwide through air, road or sea with certifications and documents compliant with best industry standards.


We are currently operational from 2 locations namely United Kingdom & India. Each of our locations caters to different geographical locations as listed below.

Product Categories

  • Antibiotics & API’s as standards or for research, culture media and diagnostic use
  • Biochemicals, Sugars & Carbohydrates
  • Stains, Dyes, Indicators
  • Buffers
  • Peptide Coupling Reagents
  • Catalysts & Ligands
  • Organic Fine Chemicals & Building Blocks – Pyridines, Pyrimidines, Benzoic Acids, Halogenated Benzonitriles, Quinolines, Isoquinolines, Indoles, Boronic acids, Piperidones, Piperidines, etc.
  • Amino Acids

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KEMYSTERY is an international chemical business serving Pharma, R&D & Scale-up, Diagnostic, Contract Research and Industrial / Specialty chemical businesses from its locations in UK, INDIA, CHINA, USA, & GERMANY. Read More


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