3-Amino-1-adamantanol CAS 702-82-9

KEMYSTERY is a supplier of high quality 3-Amino-1-adamantanol CAS 702-82-9, an intermediate used to manufacture API Vildagliptin.


Synonym 3-Amino-tricyclo[,7]decan-1-ol; 1-Amino-3-hydroxyadamantane; (3-Hydroxyadamantan-1-yl)amine, 3-Amino-1-hydroxyadamantane
CAS 702-82-9
Molecular Formula C10H17NO
Molecular Weight 167.25 g/mol
Density N.A
Product Category API Intermediates | Pharmaceutical Raw Material
Appearance White to Off White Powder
Purity Min 98%
HS Code 29389090
UN Number Not Applicable
Shipping Normal
Storage Temperature Room Temperature
Transport Information Non-Hazardous For Transport