4-Bromo-7-Azaindole CAS 348640-06-2

KEMYSTERY is a leading manufacturer and supplier of 4-Bromo-7-Azaindole CAS 348640-06-2 in India. An organic  Supplied in research and multi kilo scale for R & D, Scale up & Production.

4-Bromo-7-Azaindole CAS 348640-06-2 is a heterocyclic building block used in chemical synthesis. KEMYSTERY supplies it in catalog packs for R & D to semi bulk levels for scale up.

KEMYSTERY can custom develop Indole and Azaindole derivatives at its lab in India, please feel free to enquire on sales@kemystery.com

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Synonym 4-Bromo-1H-pyrrolo[2,3-b]pyridine
CAS 348640-06-2
Molecular Formula C7H5BrN2
Molecular Weight 197.0
Density NA
Product Category Research & Fine Chemicals | Azaindoles | Building Blocks
Appearance Light Yellow to Yellow to orange solid
Purity Min 95%
HS Code 29339990
UN Number UN2811
Shipping Normal
Storage Temperature 2 to 8 Degrees C
Transport Information Hazardous for Transport

UN2811     Class: 6.1     Packing Group: III