5-Methoxy-2-Tetralone CAS 32940-15-1

KEMYSTERY is a manufacturer & supplier of 5-Methoxy-2-Tetralone CAS 32940-15-1, an intermediate of API Rotigotine, on commercial scale. Available with full VQ  documentation, we supply 5-Methoxy-2-Tetralone CAS 32940-15-1 for R & D to commercial levels.

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Synonym 5-methoxy-3,4-dihydronaphthalen-2(1H)-one
CAS 32940-15-1
Molecular Formula C11H12O2
Molecular Weight 176.21 g/mol
Density N.A
Product Category API Intermediates | Organic Fine Chemicals
Purity Min 99%
HS Code 29389090
UN Number Not Applicable
Shipping Normal
Storage Temperature Room Temperature
Transport Information Non-Hazardous For Transport