5-Bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl phosphate disodium salt hydrate CAS 205926-98-3

KEMYSTERY is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality 5-Bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl phosphate disodium salt hydrate CAS 205926-98-3 .

KEMYSTERY also manufactures the sesquihydrate – BCIP, X-phosphate disodium salt CAS 102185-33-1.

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Synonym BCIP disodium hydrate
CAS 205926-98-3
Molecular Formula C8H4BrClNNa2O4P
Molecular Weight 370.43 g/mol
Density N.A
Product Category Sugars & Carbohydrates | Enzyme Substrates | Biochemicals | Diagnostic Reagents
Appearance yellow liquid
Purity Min 98%
HS Code 29389090
MDL Number
PubChem CID 6097197
Melting Point 300.0°C
Packaging Glass bottle
Physical Form Liquid
    • Molecular Biology Research: It can be used as a substrate for detecting phosphatase activity in molecular biology research, facilitating the study of enzyme kinetics and signaling pathways involved in cellular processes.
    • Diagnostic Assays: It may find application in diagnostic assays and biochemical tests, serving as a chromogenic substrate for the detection of enzymatic activities, aiding in the diagnosis of certain diseases and disorders.
    • Enzyme Assay Development: It can be utilized in the development of enzyme assays for high-throughput screening, allowing for the efficient evaluation of enzyme activity and the identification of potential drug candidates or inhibitors.
    • Biotechnology Industry: It could be employed in the biotechnology industry for the production of reagents and kits used in various biochemical and molecular biology applications, supporting research and development efforts in the field of life sciences.