Are You Looking to Expand to New Markets or Sell More in Current Markets? We are here to help.
KEMYSTERY is always looking for experienced and trusted suppliers across the globe for its Business Verticals.
The following are the models we work with currently with our suppliers. These are not exhaustive and we are open to working on any other mutually beneficial model as well.

1. Regular Trading Model
In this model we buy your products for stock or trade to be sold to the customer.

2. Exclusive Marketing Collaboration for Existing Products
KEMYSTERY exclusively markets your existing products in agreed upon territories with complete transparency.

3. New Product Development Collaboration
KEMYSTERY suggests products for development which if developed are marketed exclusively by KEMYSTERY globally.

4. Financial Investment & Partnership
KEMYSTERY invests in your business and becomes the marketing partner of your products in defined territories/customer

    Why Partner With KEMYSTERY

    • Experienced Marketing Team
    • Extensive Customer Database
    • Global Presence
    • Focus on your Core – Manufacturing/Supplying
    • In-House Digital Marketing Support

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    KEMYSTERY is an international chemical business serving Pharma, R&D & Scale-up, Diagnostic, Contract Research and Industrial / Specialty chemical businesses from its locations in UK, INDIA, CHINA, USA, & GERMANY. Read More


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