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KEMYSTERY is your reliable global supplier of quality chemicals for R&D, scale up and production catering to the Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic, Cosmetic, Electronic and other industries with the focus on easing supply chain unpredictability through stocking, better sourcing and In-house production.


To Become a Leading Supplier of Quality Chemicals to Accelerate Research and Production.
Supplying Quality Chemicals Quickly and Partnering with Small and Large Organisations to Support their Research and Production Needs.


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KEMYSTERY offers chemicals for R&D in catalogue pre-packs which can also supplied in custom packs as per request. We list 10,000+ products in our catalog and stock 5,000+ for quick dispatch and deliveries. All the products are shipped with a COA, MSDS and other required documents. Most products listed in our catalog can be offered in bulk and custom packs apart from those listed in our catalog. With a proprietary database of over 500 suppliers the products listed in our catalog are from manufacturers/suppliers approved by us after careful review. New products are added to our catalog and stock continuously.


We are ReSOURCEful

KEMYSTERY works with a wide network of approved chemical laboratories and manufacturing globally and hence are your perfect sourcing partners for any product which we may not list in our catalog. Choose KEMYSTERY for your chemical sourcing of one or more products if you are
Having trouble with supply chain variablities.
Looking for a reliable sourcing partner.
Want to outsource your purchases.
Or, simply because you love our name. Okay that was a comic break.


In-House and Dependable

KEMYSTERY produces some pharmaceutical intermediated in-house and also works on exclusive product marketing collaborations with small labs and bulk production plants. We are also able to custom produce hard to source chemicals from small grams for research to bulk levels for production. Each of our pruduction partners excel in different areas of chemistry and hence we are able to narrow down on the right production partner for each custom product based on the chemistry.

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Are You Looking to Expand to New Markets or Sell More in Current Markets? We are here to help.

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KEMYSTERY is an international chemical business serving Pharma, R&D & Scale-up, Diagnostic, Contract Research and Industrial / Specialty chemical businesses from its locations in UK, INDIA, CHINA, USA, & GERMANY. Read More


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